Ventilation system REHAU AirComfort

Reduces the risk of retaining moisture and moldVentilation system REHAU AirComfort

REHAU AirComfort is the solution for energy-efficient ventilation. The system cares for basic ventilation, which substantially reduces the risk of mold and other damages from moisture retention.

The problem is:

  • Modern energy efficient ways of construction make buildings airtight.
  • In case of insufficient ventilation appears humidity that facilitates the emergence and growth of various types of mold
  • In the long term this leads to unhealthy atmosphere in the house and damages the building materials.

REHAU AirComfort cares for fresh air entry, regardless of wind pressure. Side effects - non because at increased wind pressure the mechanism shuts itself automatically.

REHAU AirComfort is hidden and is not noticeable as it is mounted in the rebate of the sash. Simple installation, without screws and drillings procedures, makes the system very popular and economically perspective.


As a consequence, this needed in practice innovative solution is equally suitable for both new facilities and renovation of old buildings.

Your benefits:

  • Improves air circulation
  • Healthy indoor climate
  • No maintenance
  • Does not infect burglary resistance
  • Made from high quality material EPDM
  • Sensitivity at 30-40 Pa
  • Sealing at impact of rain 9a in accordance with DIN EN 12208
  • High airflow when open (at 600 Pa m3 / h)
  • Optional use in all REHAU systems
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