Insulation without compromise


Perfect energy efficiency: Energy saving up to 76% *

GENEO is a revolutionary system in the window design and offers unique advantages as no other system!

GENEO windows take advantage of innovative fiber-reinforced material RAU-FIPRO, developed by REHAU. Fiber-reinforced materials are distinguished for their excellent stability and load capacity and are being used for years in aircraft construction and Formula 1.With RAU-FIPRO this technology enters the window systems market as well.
"Standard" windows are manufactured with steel reinforcement for stability. Naturally, steel is a heat conductor  thus forming thermal bridges that quickly conduct heat out.

With GENEO things happen otherwise: Hightech-RAU-FIPRO profile core gives enormous stability to the window and because of that in most profiles steel reinforcement is not used.
Therefore GENEO-windows are with incredible insulation and provide new horizons of energy saving - especially in respect of the requirements for passive houses. With GENEO, window energy losses can be reduced up to 76% *. And this of course reduces noticeably your heating bill.

But the insulating qualities of GENEO do not compromise on sound proofing, burglary resistance, comfort and design!

You could not choose a better and safer design in your future decision.


Your benefits in brief:

1. The first fully reinforced window profile system
2. The window with the greatest energy efficiency in its class - certified for passive houses!
3. The best sound proofing and burglary protection, including energy efficiency
4. Options for wide-area elements with optimal use of sunlight, combined with modern architecture
5. Individual design solutions for windows and balcony doors
6.Wide range of shapes, colors and profiles for you to choose from
7. Advanced pressure systems at closing and opening for maximum comfort
8. Easy maintenance and cleaning by well-established and very smooth REHAU HDF-surface (High-Definition-Finishing)
9. High investment security and long-term level of property value
10. Quality of materials and construction, proven by numerous load tests

Technical specifications:

Insulation of window profiles

Uf up to 0,86 W / m²K

Uf up to 0,79 W / m²K (certified passive houses)

Mounting width

86 mm / 6-chamber system

Collapse protection

up to resistance class 3
up to resistance class 2 without steel


up to grade 5

 * Reducing the energy loss from windows when replacing old wood windows / plastic dating from the 80s (Uf = 1,9, Ug = 3,0) with GENEO-profile windows (Uf = 0,86, Ug = 0.5, size of windows 123x148 cm)

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