Doors and windows

PVC windows and doors

We produce two kinds of PVC windows and doors – using Bulgarian and German profiles.Vivaplast

The Bulgarian windows and doors are made with Viva Plast profiles. We use 5-chamber profiles with 32mm glass packets. The Viva Plast system is produced in Shumen using Austrian know-how and technology. The profiles are 70mm wide. Most 5-chamber profiles on the market have this width. The reinforcing metal we use is 1.5mm. It has an extremely important role. It gives the windows and doors their strength and allows for linear expansion.

The hardware we use makes no compromise with quality or security. We use "Roto" - the leader in the field of window systems hardware. It is German-made and has a special nanocoating to ensure resistance against aggressive humid air. This hardware is burglary resistant too.

Let’s talk about glass panels. For our Bulgarian 5-chamber windows and doors, 32mm glass packet made from two 4mm float glass panels. The packets have a double barrier. The first barrier is butyl rubber, and the second is silicone, polyurethane, polysulphide or another filler.

There is more to say on the subject of glazing. It is important to know that the glazing is the real investment you will make. It takes up abound 85% of the window area and its characteristics directly affects the comfort of living in your home. We can offer glazing made of special glass. The choice of windows depends on various factors. The possible combinations of different glass types are many. We’ll only point out a few:

  • A combination of white and low-emission or 'k ' glass - used primarily on the northern facade . This type of glazing reduces heat loss by 30 %. Not recommended for southern and western facades, because in the summer it will create a greenhouse effect and cooling of the living area is difficult.
  • A combination of multigrade and ordinary float glass - in this combination we combine the qualities of low-emission glass which retains heat in the house with glass that stops heat from solar radiation. This glass has a solar factor of 30, i.e. it stops about 30 % of the heat coming from outside.
  • A combination of low-e glass and reflective glass. In this combination the solar factor is 40 and we have a mirror effect of the glass. Here it is necessary to have the reflective glass annealed.


There are many other combinations, including tinted or ornamental glass.

PVC windows and doors KÖMMERLING


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Aluminum windows and doors

We produce and offer wide range of aluminium windows and doors from the follow suppliers and systems: Alumil, Etem, Altest.

Aluminum frames are of two types - with thermal threshold (so called ‘broken’ thermal bridge) and without thermal threshold. In recent years aluminum windows are increasingly being used mostly in public buildings. Depending on the various factors a corresponding system is recommended. Aluminum windows without thermal threshold are primarily used for interior design or in buildings where maintaining certain temperature is not required. This type is also used in glazing with single glass and 10 mm. windows (the so called mullionless glazing).


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