PVC joinery KÖMMERLING – 70mm

PVC joinery KÖMMERLING – 70mm Quality, security, prestige

With premium KÖMMERLING windows, your home is warmer, cozier, more secure.

Modern feeling of a style

Kömmerling 70 mm is a 5-chamber system with 70 mm construction depth for the production of plastic windows. The specific technical feature here is the innovative, steel reinforcement with patented geometry with extremely good thermal insulation properties.

With its numerous geometries of crates, wings, campfers and flying dividers, the system offers an almost unlimited field for architectural fantasy.

It meets the highest requirements in terms of heat and noise insulation. The fittings installed in the profile system and wrapped in the reinforcement offer a high degree of basic anti-burglary. The levels of anti-burglary of class 1 and class 2 are reached without any problems.

The system is also an example in terms of environmental friendliness: As a first world-renowned manufacturer, the KÖMMERLING brand, in parallel with recycled material, began to include in its production process exclusively and only fresh lead-free PVC with "green" calcium-zinc-based stabilizers.

  • Screwing of the fitting through more PVC walls at the hinges
  • Improved 5-chamber technology
  • Hollow legs of the frame - stability and thermal insulation
  • Sloping interior walls, better insulation with an additional "pseudo" camera, as well as high static stability  thanks to the supports in the corners
  • Improved sealing and thermal insulation through the seal in the rabbet for the glazing
  • 2 different drainage options

    Modern vision CLASSIC

  • 70 mm depth for installation
  • modern design and high thermal stability
  • up to 44 mm thickness glass package
  • thermal insulation: Uf = up to 1.2 W / (m²K) (standard with reinforcement)
  • noise insulation: Rw= до 47 dB
  • water resistence: class 9А
  • wind resistence: class С5/В5
  • Relative air tightness of the gaps: class 4
  • Weighted index of insulation from air noise: up to Rw (C;Ctr)=47db

    Wide color range


Premium quality and design Premium quality and design

Why choose PVC windows KÖMMERLING?
  • Thermal insulation: Multi-chamber profiles without thermal bridge. You save energy for heating or cooling.
  • Weather resistance: Resistant to heavy rain, strong wind and salty air, very suitable for high floors. No warping, corrosion or rot; without deformation. It has high resistance to UV rays and does not change color.
  • Stability and security: Anti-burglary properties with several locking points simultaneously on the four sides of the window.
  • Greenline – Concept for environmentally friendly profiles. Kömerling’s products are lead- and cadmium-free since 2001. 100% calcium-zinc is used as a material stabilizer, which does not harm nature.
  • Nice looking profiles and colors: The wide variety of profiles, types of openings and the wide range of colors allow for making windows according to your needs and your taste. They are suitable for new buildings, for renovation of old ones, even for cultural monuments without need for maintenance or painting, smooth and shiny, hygienic and antibacterial

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