PVC joinery KÖMMERLING – 76mm

PVC joinery KÖMMERLING – 76mm Quality, security, prestige

With premium KÖMMERLING windows, your home is warmer, cozier, more secure.

KÖMMERLING 76 is the best five-chamber window and door system in its class. Highest quality, significantly reduced heating costs, optimal sound insulation, secure burglary protection and wide range of possibilities for design.


KÖMMERLING 76 does not compromise, but offers you all the advantages of modern windows. From design, through functionality, thermal insulation, to environmental friendliness and durability, this system meets both current and future requirements.


KÖMMERLING 76 is designed so innovatively that modern triple glazing or special functional glazing up to 50 mm thick can be installed in the window.

Thanks to the intelligent fastening technique, installation is quick, clean and easy.

  • Great cost and energy savings through the new, highly insulating system 76 mm - Uf = 1,1W / (m²K) even in the standard version;
  • Improving the quality of life through perfect sound insulation;
  • More security through the possibility of integrating anti-burglary protection;
  • Easy maintenance thanks to weather-resistant surfaces;
  • Durability through the highest quality;
  • Comfortable service and reliable operation thanks to the most modern equipment;
  • Supplied in white or with foil cover in various colors, including wood decors.


  • certified for passive houses
  • 6-chamber system (all profiles)
  • 3 seals in the whole system
  • 76 mm installation depth
  • up to 50 mm thickness of the glazing
  • thermal insulation:

o o Uf = 1.0 W / (m²K) (standard with reinforcement)

o o Uf = 0.82 W / (m²K) (proEnergyTec technology)

o o Uw = up to 0.73 W / (m²K) (proEnergyTec technology)

  • sound insulation: Rw = up to 48 dB
  • watertightness: class 9A
  • wind resistance: class C5 / B5
  • Relative airtightness of joints: class 4
  • Weighted airborne noise insulation index: up to Rw (C; Ctr) = 47db
  • wide color range and aluminum caps

Premium quality and design Premium quality and design

Why choose PVC windows KÖMMERLING?
  • Thermal insulation: Multi-chamber profiles without thermal bridge. You save energy for heating or cooling.
  • Weather resistance: Resistant to heavy rain, strong wind and salty air, very suitable for high floors. No warping, corrosion or rot; without deformation. It has high resistance to UV rays and does not change color.
  • Stability and security: Anti-burglary properties with several locking points simultaneously on the four sides of the window.
  • Greenline – Concept for environmentally friendly profiles. Kömerling’s products are lead- and cadmium-free since 2001. 100% calcium-zinc is used as a material stabilizer, which does not harm nature.
  • Nice looking profiles and colors: The wide variety of profiles, types of openings and the wide range of colors allow for making windows according to your needs and your taste. They are suitable for new buildings, for renovation of old ones, even for cultural monuments without need for maintenance or painting, smooth and shiny, hygienic and antibacterial

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