PVC Joinery

For your windows and doors you have a choice of two types of PVC profiles that we use in production: Bulgarian and German. The hardware we use is without any compromise in quality and security. Our suppliers are some of the most reputable manufacturers in Europe.


Aluminium Joinery

We manufacture and offer a wide range of Al. Window frames from the following suppliers and systems: Viva Aluminium, Reiners, Etem, Alumil, Altest. Aluminium window frames are of two types – with a thermoprag (so-called interrupted thermobridge) and without a thermoprag. Depending on various factors, the appropriate system is recommended.

Aluminium windows without thermoprag are mainly used for interior solutions or in buildings where the maintenance of a certain temperature is not required. It is also used in single glazing and 10mm glazing solutions. showcases (so-called seamless glazing).



Here you will find everything you need to complete the comfort of your home after the replacement of windows - mosquito nets, blinds, manual or automatic ventilation valves to prevent condensation, etc.

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Special systems for special cases

Volkswagen sliding systems, shower enclosure systems, window framing in a special colour if you have a quirky window shape, huge windows, tiny windows, sash window tinting... whatever you need, we are here for you. If there's anyone who can do it, and do it well, it's us!