Premium windows with German precision in every detail

KöMMERLING has a history of nearly 40 years. That’s 40 years of development. Entire institutes are working to study and select new materials and create a product of the highest quality. Even the smallest detail has been considered and tested. Each gasket or screw is exactly in place to give the best result. And details are important because they matter and affect the overall quality.

This is the reason why German joinery performs very well on all test indicators.

The most important indicator for consumers is thermal insulation. KöMMERLING has nearly 10% better thermal insulation qualities than Bulgarian joinery, for example.

Another important indicator is waterproofness and wind resistance. And here the KöMMERLING results are better. This is very important because this indicator determines whether and how much our windows will withstand rain and strong winds. When our home is on the higher floors this resistance is of utmost importance. That is why it is good to invest in better quality joinery that will provide us with greater security.

The very structure (geometry) of German joinery is precisely calculated and manufactured to withstand greater loads. In addition, the geometry also determines the drainage and ventilation of the windows.

The seals in German window frames are made of a material where there is almost no significant difference between winter and summer. You know that in winter, cold temperatures make most seals more rigid and therefore windows harder to close. German systems use a material that is not affected by temperature differences.

Agency windows and facades has certificates and references issued by the German concert Profine Group, which allows us to produce the windows KöMMERLING . To obtain the right to manufacture German joinery, each company goes through a meticulous study and evaluation.

In addition, the Profine Group also provides companies that have earned their trust with technical assistance. In more specific cases, we get their help and technical justification in deciding exactly what profile to choose in a given situation. German specialists study the region, what the climatic conditions are, the requirements for the window itself and give a precise prescription of what kind of window frames are best to be installed in this case.